Reviews and customer testimontials for our financial software

The following is a list of reviews and user testimonials for our financial software. If you have any comments about our software please contact us and let us know

"Why spend a fortune on a professional Financial Advisor when you can use this program"
ZDNet (Read full review)

"Wow, every financial tool you could possibly need".
Tucows (Read full review)

"I have some good advice, though: forget those "professionals" and become your own financial planner. It's not as hard as you think - in fact, it's downright simple, thanks to Financial Advisor"
David Shamah, The Jerusalem Post (

"Dear Othersoft, I am an Independent Financial Advisor in the UK and would like to send a heartfelt thanks to you for the time and trouble that you have spent in writing such a fantastic program. Your financial advisor 2.0 is by far and away the best financial calculator suite that I have ever used."
Mike LeGassick (Financial Advisor)

"I would be lost without your Budget Advisor software - it is such a great tool for keeping track of my money and enabling me to plan ahead."
Philip Dell

"I find F/A 2.0 is a little ripper of a program and am very pleased so far with it. Does just about everything one could ask"
Brian Kings (Financial Advisor)

"I just had to write and say: "I love your program!""
Tim Jones (Budget Advisor)

"This is great software and I would strongly recommend that anybody who's considering exploring work opportunities in financial service industry should purchase this amazing product."
Mladen Bukvic - Financial Account Manager (Financial Advisor)

"Financial Advisor's greatest service may be in educating you about your money and how it works. Concepts that always seemed cloudy in the past become far more clear with the concrete examples the program provides in real-life scenarios."
David Shamah, The Jerusalem Post ( (Financial Advisor)

"This program is very well thought-out, and fits all our needs. I've tried a number of different programs, and none of them seemed to work very well, other than this one."
Matthew McCoy (Mortgage Advisor)

"Just a note to let you know Budget Advisor is a terrific household budget program. I've used Quicken for years but a person almost has to have a degree in business administration to use it. I just wanted a family budget program showing my income and expenses that didn't require hours of very detailed and tedious work. So Budget Advisor is excellent!"
Larry Archer - British Columbia, Canada (Budget Advisor)

"From a very happy practice who are now collectively benefiting from this fantastic program, many thanks once again."
Mike LeGassick (Financial Advisor)

"I do use your program often and find it a joy to use in helping explore some of our wilder ideas ;-) "
Tim Jones (Budget Advisor)

"It is a very nice program. I appreciate your help. "
Irene Jacobs (Mortgage Advisor)

"Your product looks good and does the job it is intended to do. "
Luc Harmsen (Financial Advisor)

"No other calculator of this kind comes close, and believe me, I have tried dozens."
Mike LeGassick (Financial Advisor)

"Thank you for the program and keep up the good shareware "
Ben Armer III (Financial Advisor)

"My financial planner saw my budget and remarked that in his 40 years in this field, he has never seen as complete and well organized a budget as I presented to him. Thanks a million!!!"
Stan Averback (Budget Advisor)

"Your software rocks, I love it."
Carlos Abreu, California (Budget Advisor)

"I am trying the trial verion and I think this software is awesome, its just what I've been looking for to help me with my budgeting needs. Thank you for doing an execellent job of creating such an awesome product and the price is great too."
Tina Moore, California (Budget Advisor)

"Very happy with what is quite definitely the best Budget Producer/Monitor I have found. Many Thanks"
Tony Knight, United Kingdom (Budget Advisor)