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Investment Wizard is a financial calculator for long-term investment planning

  • Plan your financial future and achieve your investment goals
  • Identify shortfalls in your financial plan and take inflation into account.
  • Consolidate your investment portfolio allowing you to see the big picture.
  • Scenario Planning - quickly compare the effect of changing investment return, inflation and other factors.
  • Powerful reports and graphs let you analyze and compare investments
  • Download a free 30 day trial
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Investment Wizard runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and is 100% spyware & adware free

If you are a financial advisor there is a professional version of Investment Wizard which will let you advise your clients.

Powerful long-term financial planning and calculations:

  • Flexible investment grid where you can enter deposits and withdrawals for each investment.
  • Enter both annual and monthly savings and withdrawals for any period. Total savings are automatically recalculated as you type.
  • The Targeted Savings feature will calculate how much you will need to save to reach your goals.
  • The Targeted Withdrawals feature will calculate how much you will be able to withdrawal given your available savings.
  • Use a single overall inflation rate and investment return for an investment, or customize the rates for each year.

Investment Wizards main screen showing a single investment

Manage your Investments:

  • Create investment portfolios to keep track of all your investments. Quickly switch between different investments in an investment portfolio.
  • You can add comments and notes to an investment, or to any year of the investment.
  • Work with investments based on your age or on the year.
  • Compare different investments scenarios

A graph showing the investment value before and after inflation

Reports and Graphs:

  • View reports and graphs of a single investment or summary reports of all investments.
  • Compare different investments to each other graphically.
  • Save reports to Excel or a web page, and save graphs as a picture, allowing you to e-mail them to clients if you are a financial professional
  • Print any report or graph. If you are a financial professional you may include your name, contact details and company logo on printouts.

Financial Advisors can use Investment Wizard to generate reports for their clients

Are you a Financial Advisor?

  • If you're a Financial Advisor you can save clients personal details as well as your own company details.
  • Customize report printouts. You can change report headings to include your own details, client's details and your company logo.
  • Because you can save all reports to Excel or a web page you'll be able to e-mail reports to clients.