Budget Advisor ReportPrecision Time Tracker - Keep track of your time

Budget Advisor Report

Budget Advisor Report

  • Track your time spent during the day
  • Automatically pause when you're not working
  • Don't miss any billable hours
  • Help measure your productivity
  • Simple to use

You've just finished a few hours work. How much time did you spent? What time did you start working? Was that a 15 minute break or half an hour? If you need to track your time then you've probably had this problem before.

Precision Time Tracker is not a timesheet program. It won't show you any fancy reports of your time. It's just designed to help you remember to track time when you need to.

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Add tasks and track the time spent for each:

You can add as many tasks as you need and track the time spent for each task. Quickly start and stop tasks with the click of a mouse.

Automatically pause when you stop working:

Precision Time Tracker can automatically pause the timer when you stop working on your PC. It will then resume when you start work again.

If there has been no input from the keyboard or mouse for a specified period the timer can automatically pause. This is optional and can be enabled or disabled for each task.

Always visible to help you remember to start and stop timing:

Once you start timing a task the timer will always be visible on your screen. This helps remind you to stop the timer when you stop working, or to switch the timer to another task.

Make sure your billable hours are accurate:

You might be losing money every day by not keeping track of your time accurately. Precision Time Tracker helps you track ever second of your billable time. The program should be useful to programmers, web designers, lawyers or anyone else that needs to keep track of their time.

Measure your productivity

Most of us often need to estimate how long a job or task will take, but how many people check afterwards to see whether their estimate was accurat?. By keeping track of your time you'll be able to measure your productivity, and see whether your estimates are on target.


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Precision Task Timer runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
and is 100% spyware and adware free